Your losses may be staggering but it doesn’t matter. You may already know this, but this cycle can make some realities inescapable. It's like we're in an ocean when the shore behind us is far away, but the one ahead is not yet visible. Saturn opposite Sun transit can be a draining time because you are more likely to feel weighed down and pessimistic about the challenges and blockages to your progress. Transiting Saturn Opposition Radix Sun. Now is a good time to readjust and change what is necessary with respect to the goals and projects that you started seven years ago. Saturn opposite Ascendant Sometimes it brings added duties due to your high level of competency. The second Saturn return coincides with the moment you understand your own patterns and give them a transcendental meaning. Do not get carried away by guilt or suffering, because this prevents you from taking control and taking responsibility for your own path in life. This was magnified somewhat as Saturn was also conjunct my Descendant. The older you are, the easier this cycle usually is since experience matters. Saturn rules the teeth, bones and knees. This represents the material summit of your life, the result of the last fourteen years, when you have told the world “This is who I am,” and now the world responds to you with the consequences of what you are. Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Venus. You can be more self-sufficient. When Saturn transits natal Venus it encourages you to assess your values and relationships to see if you’re getting what you want and need out of life. Your email address will not be published. Saturn transits sextile or trine your natal Moon: During this cycle, your emotional life is stabilized and steady. If you are satisfied with the development of particular areas of your life, including your career and the goals you seek, this period may offer you fulfillment and recognition for your efforts. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a78e4c0cecdf8d296e36f78fc1356436" );document.getElementById("hefd88aa43").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Copyright 2009–2021 Astrology Library. It can be a catastrophic ending if whatever is ending now should have ended 7 years ago or 14 years ago. You can find yourself at the moment with a series of doors that open for you to continue growing or, on the contrary, with many blockages that constantly make you question what has gone wrong, either with work, love, or family responsibilities. Transiting Saturn conjunct north node is a period of waiting and careful evaluation. The transit of Saturn square your natal Saturn begins with an identity crisis where you question what you have been doing and you have to decide to make the necessary corrections to make life more satisfying and fulfilling. It is also a favorable time to obtain the respect of others, which can help smooth over any other conflict caused by other transits. Saturn Transits Every 7 years or so, Saturn will transit conjunct, square, or opposite a natal planet. Transit to Transit With Saturn forming a sextile to Chiron, this is a time for feeling competent, effective, and secure. Saturn's action is creative, it gives shape, materializes ideas and desires, Saturn symbolizes the "construction and backbone of life." From the first to the second return of Saturn, you are in your individual cycle, where you have to contribute to society with your particular vision on how to do things and improve the world where you live. You can recognize your weaknesses and see how you have been influenced by other people instead of taking on more responsibilities. You must also incorporate into your life everything that will help you find a more transcendent meaning for your existence. It is a time to make an inner commitment and recognize your real obligations and responsibilities to achieve your goals. This is quite possible with the Saturn-Saturn sextile! Excellent explanation. Expect more opposition, but for your greater good. At a professional level, you can suffer from a lack of confidence, and you now realize everything you have done wrong. The Sun opposite Saturn transit motivates us to succeed and helps us keep up our efforts no matter the obstacles. Contact with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are felt over longer periods. At this time, intentions that you have had in the past may be running at odds with what you are doing now. You also can recognize your strengths and learn to highlight them rather than substitute them with insignificant concerns. Remember, with every harmonious aspect that transiting Saturn makes, a stressful aspect is usually only 2 years away. When transiting Uranus is opposite your natal Saturn: Structures of your life are now being systematically attacked by sudden and unpredictable events. If you are younger, you may feel like you are very unpopular now, with few invitations to parties. TRANSITING SATURN Saturn conjunct Ascendant This marks a major life change. Thank you for these insights. Saturn Opposition Saturn Meaning, Synastry Chart Aspect, Free Astrology Interpretations. When that natal point is an intensely personal planet or point (such as the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, or … With a Sun Saturn opposition in your natal chart, you are well aware of your capabilities and what you can achieve but sometimes end up distracted. AstroSeek, … You may have to work very hard to stay ahead during this transit and may have to deal with extra burden or responsibility. Saturn transits through the 1st, 6th and 12th also apply to the above. Everything that is not valid is lost or disappears. Saturn Opposition Natal Pluto This time represents the results of your efforts that began roughly around 14 years ago. You must correct and change everything, both in yourself and around you, which does not allow you to be realized as unique and different from all other human beings. Usually the purpose is to expose any weaknesses and shortcomings so that they can be addressed, and you can reinforce what already is in place. Life seems like an endurance test during this transit. Every one should get this once. It provokes you to make a review of everything that is important to your life and what is not. You can now protect yourself and prepare against future threats. Your Saturn Conjunct Saturn Transit Your Saturn return will last about one month unless Saturn retrogrades over its natal position. Therefore, every 7 years or so, Saturn will transit conjunct, square, or opposite a natal point. Transiting North Node conjunct natal Saturn. The results of decisions that you made in the past in some cases around 14 years ago may become clearly apparent. The transit of Saturn conjunct your natal Saturn is the most important period of life since it always happens around the age of 29, when you begin to be older and totally responsible for your destiny. Saturn judges all your actions, punishing and rewarding you. The opposition of the transit Saturn to the natal Saturn is the turning point in our lives, where we are very far away from our safe zone. The impact is much stronger with just the single pass of Saturn conjunct Saturn transit. If you have previously been too cowardly to take on greater challenges and are now not satisfied, you will now be better prepared to take on these challenges. It is a good time to obtain public recognition for your merits. This is your first Saturn return. Saturn only crosses the ascendant once every 28.5 years. No matter how I tried to crawl out and over it, I was being blocked at every point. You must evaluate your experiences and sufferings to establish the meaning they have had in your individual growth. This is a difficult time when you may feel the need to leave your familiar surroundings, and you feel distant from most of your family and friends. This is a unique period in which rational, constructive judgments prevail, and as one seeks not to repeat old mistakes, but relies on proven support in life. When the transit begins, it’s all about letting go of the losses suffered when Saturn transited your twelfth house. You constantly see reality as it is. Deep insights can occur now that show what adjustments are necessary and what truly matters to you, especially those objectives that make for lasting security. Things that have worked reliably until now are not reliable anymore. It also rules depression and it isn't at all unusual during a Saturn transit to feel down in the dumps and/or very lethargic. It is the end of an interest in the outward and social world and the start of a more inward journey during which you absorb and take in new information. To the extent that you are dissatisfied, this period should heighten it, and obstructions in your path or toward a new direction may seem insurmountable. This is one of those required, though not always pleasant, sets of circumstances that can keep you grounded and in touch with what is real. These transits always mark a critical period in which they test your experience, the maturity that your sufferings have taught you, and your progress towards becoming a more realistic and at the same time more spiritual being. You will start to feel the consequences of the decisions and changes you made at that time. Transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Moon. it would be worthwhile. If you must do something else and realize that your chosen path is wrong, do not despair. So much depends on the range of your experience as to how effectively you handle any restrictions that may surface. Celebrity examples were rather thin on the ground with this one, in fact most of them are rather more in famous than famous. This is a time for maturation, no matter what your age, and to take greater responsibility for the choices you have and the decisions you made. The meeting of an old serious individual with love and pleasure-seeking Venus needs at least some adjustments. It marks the beginning of your new life in a new land. You have to reflect on how to obtain more independence, efficiency and stability in your work and social obligations, and in improving your public image. Saturn transits happen within a cycle of 28 years and the hard angles (conjunction, square and opposition) represent important testing phases in your life. This cycle can bring growth to a stopping point or to a point of completion. You are asked to do everything in your power for the best outcome and let go of the rest. The reading has helped and contained many nuggest of information that I am going to use to make some descisions. I hate this fucking stupid shitty transit and will fight anyone who says there is a worse transit. They likely will recur, however, every seven years until you make the necessary alterations and align what is out of place. When transiting Saturn makes a sextile or trine to your Sun, things tend to be stable and unexciting (unless, of course, transiting Uranus is hitting at the same time!). Saturn opposite the Sun marks an ending. This is often a period of cooling off in your relationships. You have reached a point of balance and can now make things work well. saturn transit saturn, saturn transit natal saturn, saturn opposition saturn synastry, saturn opposition saturn transit, saturn opposition moon composite, saturn opposition moon natal chart, saturn opposition saturn relationship, saturn opposition saturn leo, saturn opposition saturn scorpio, saturn opposition saturn cancer, saturn opposition saturn virgo, saturn opposition saturn in 12 house, composite saturn opposition venus. You can now have realistic and conscious control over the circumstances of your life, not merely as an intellectual understanding, but born of direct learning from past experiences. Saturn transits to your natal Saturn are some of the most karmic transits. When that natal planet is Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, or Mars, we feel the effects in a personal way depending on the planet involved. If you do not succumb to this self-examination, you can also find solutions to fix your lack of inner satisfaction. Sometimes other people may challenge certain things that you take for granted, and this can create uncertainty. Consciously or unconsciously, you are removing from your life what is not relevant, and you feel a series of losses that are often painful, because it is like leaving the little child behind and becoming an adult. When Saturn is in a water sign and Chiron is in an earth sign, Saturn can make a person feel almost as if they must sacrifice their entire being if they’re going to do some real work. Conditions tend to slow you down, even bring things to a standstill so that you can get a good look at what is working and what is not. If you do suffer from depression, NOW is the time to try to overcome it through your medical professional. For Entertainment purposes only. The Saturn Opposition at midlife is a time to re-examine the concerns of the house (s) through which Saturn is transiting, where it resides natally and what house it rules. The second time this transit happens will be at age 56, and it is also significant because it marks the beginning of a more spiritual personal surrender. Saturn opposite Chiron with Saturn in the earth signs people need to realize that, sometimes, people don’t need them in the ways that they say they do. While you can make choices now that ultimately modify the course of your life, you also can elect to do nothing and wait this one out. It is not that you are passive, but you realize your limitations and those of others and work with them rather than against them. Just like with any other Saturn transit or Saturn-related matters, Saturn will gift you with fulfillment by the end of the difficult period if, and only if, you work on yourself and do the necessary homework to get in synch with your life’s purpose without [intentionally] harming others. You will have to change all those aspects of your life that you have been tolerating but that did not bring about any reward. Self-doubt, self-criticism, and feelings of isolation and alienation are key issues at this time. It always makes the things to be overcome, and lessons to be learned, very clear. Keep busy. You can work with order and efficiency and plan long-term projects. It’s never too late, the important thing is to do it and feel fulfilled and satisfied. You may find that you have to adjust your goals to suit the more realistic expectations that you are … You are likely to be restrained in emotional expression, and may only feel comfortable expressing feelings to those you truly trust. Wisdom tends to develop after repeated attempts meet with resistance, helping you to become more accepting of whatever happens. You feel tired, worn out and old as your list of jobs seems overwhelming in comparison with your time and energy. In this case the transit can last about 10 months with 3 exact hits. Likewise, you must do everything possible so that your life can be more satisfying, even if this period is somewhat gloomy and enduring. When transiting Saturn opposes your North Node, it is simultaneously Conjunct your South Node, the point in the horoscope that defines the path to the past. Saturn is The Teacher and the best way to be successful with this transit is to be a willing pupil. Saturn is The Teacher and the best way to be successful with this transit is to be a willing pupil. During this time, you will experience powerful Karmic lessons. All rights reserved. The transit of Saturn trine your natal Saturn indicates that you have reached a stable understanding of who you are, and that you can take more control over your own life and prepare to reach your goals. The Saturn Opposition at midlife is a time to re-examine the concerns of the house(s) through which Saturn is transiting, where it resides natally and what house it rules. When that natal planet is Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, or Mars, we feel the effects in a personal way depending on the planet involved. Any conflict or crisis with the outside world are now indications of things that you have not been doing well and that should be corrected. Even if you are firmly established, events may force you to question your commitments. The aspects it makes to your natal planets last for 2 weeks up to 2 months, and in the houses, Saturn … Letting go of past success is a necessity. The first Saturn return usually coincides with the moment you break with your parents’ patterns. You may feel that there is a divinely ordained timing to the doors that are opening, and those closing, on your path. You will receive abundant evidence now of whether what you have done since then has been worth it or not. The advantage here is the awareness that you can obtain when there is little possibility to ignore or avoid what is right in front of you. This period is often out of your control. You may be stuck with a crowd that you do not want to have associations with, but feel that you must because of peer pressure. The effects of the transit were textbook perfect. Your life can now have a more real and profound meaning. You can now have realistic and conscious control over the circumstances of your life, not merely as an intellectual understanding, but born of direct learning from past experiences. This is a time where you realize who and what is most important to you. It is an inner search of the soul. The transit of Saturn sextile your natal Moon is a very important time to achieve a balance between your emotions and your reasoning. The outcome of the transit of Saturn opposite your natal Saturn depends on how you have handled your life in the past fourteen years and what you have done with the decisions you made when Saturn was conjunct Saturn at your Saturn return. Pay attention to the Saturn opposite Uranus transit because your innate yearning for freedom might mean that you behave inappropriately to some. This is why these are times to consolidate and structure your professional life, making important decisions that have a trial period of seven years, until Saturn makes another transit in its cycle.