Calendars Featuring the 13 winning photos from the Horizons Unlimited annual motorcycle travel photo contest! The Achievable Dream 5-part series - the definitive guide on DVD for planning your motorcycle adventure. 25.08.2020. By Daniel Strohl on Feb 22nd, 2017 at 9:00 am. Achievable Dream The definitive guide to planning your motorcycle adventure! And crossing borders, war zones or oceans! Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle Travellers Website. Brent, USA Startseite; Oldtimer-Transporte; Typenvielfalt; Marktplatz; Veranstaltungen; Downloads; Links; Kontakt ; Hier erfährst Du alles Wissenswerte über das schönste … People who want to meet travellers - yes that's YOU - and can provide local assistance, and may be your new best friends! Hut-two-three-four, Two, two-three four! The one on Ebay was the same car!! Volvo c303 tgb11 Lappländer Jeep Feuerwehr oldtimer4x4 . World Map Sticker for Panniers Show your route on your panniers. In the early 1950s Volvo received an order to develop a new utility vehicle for the Swedish Army. Volvo leger voertuig (laplander) Manual Others NA 0 KM. With an HU blog, you'll get a lot more readers than in some obscure corner of the web, it's all set to go, no setup required, and it's free! "Ultimate global guide for red-blooded bikers planning overseas exploration. Share this post on; Digg;; Twitter; Share on Facebook; Reddit! Without intense use of the internet you will not have a big chance. The Volvo Laplander L3314 is a range of military vehicles produced by Volvo. Overland Vehicles and Equipment for Sale / Wanted. 1979 Volvo The Valp c202 sparse Additional Info: Civilian variant of the c303. What you get for your membership contribution is our sincere gratitude, good karma and knowing that you're helping to keep the motorcycle travel dream alive. This insanely ambitious 2-year project has produced an informative and entertaining 5-part, 18 hour DVD series. Start here! "This site is the BIBLE for international bike travelers." Diese Ausführung konnte Volvo nicht mehr an die schwedische Armee liefern, wodurch die Produktions­zahlen wesentlich unter denen des Vorgängers lagen. Volvo Laplander 1967 4X4, wench, fire truck with water pump. Confused? . Der Volvo C202 ist ein geländefähiger Mehrzweckwagen des schwedischen Automobilherstellers Volvo, der von 1977 bis 1981 gebaut wurde. 35 € 82538 Geretsried. Ich verkaufe hier einige … We've run out of cool slogans for the HU T-shirts, so we're holding another slogan contest. Terrängbil is the name used inside the Swedish army, in short Tgb. just released! Inspirational stories by veteran travellers Greg Frazier (5 times RTW), Peter and Kay Forwood (193 countries), Tiffany Coates (Mongolia Mayhem) and Rene Cormier (University of Gravel Roads). Volvo C202 laplander - one of the models of cars manufactured by Volvo. We peddle dreams, the achievable kind, creating an addiction to overland travel. Horizons Unlimited Presents! See the trailer here! What do I need - riding gear, clothing, camping gear, first aid kit, tires, maps, GPS? 4WD, 4X4. HUBB regular : Join Date: Aug 2007. Collectors Box Set All 5 DVDs with a custom printed slip case. How do I prepare the bike? Gear Up! See the trailer here! Der Schweizer Automobilhändler und Garagist Volante Classic Cars kaufte den ausgemusterten Laplander direkt von der schwedischen Arm… "The series is 'free' because the tips and advice will save much more than you spend on buying the DVD's.". How do I pack it all? Get your entry in now and win! Einfach. So you've done it - got inspired, planned your trip, packed your stuff and you're on the road! Your ad could be here, on EVERY page of the HUBB, or the whole website, or as many as you like! "Inspirational and Awesome!" An 8x8 was planned but dropped. We did too - and now here's the list of Circumnavigators! is a 2-DVD set, 6 hours! New to the HU site? 10,950 € I like this car. Wondering what this motorcycle adventure travel gig is all about? Contributing Members and Gold Members do get additional features on the HUBB. Power comes from a carbureted Volvo B-series inline-four mated to a 4-speed manual transmission with a part-time 4×4 transfer case, and the truck is equipped with a removable hardtop. Volvo Laplander 6x6 2016-10-18 14:41:18 2010-01-19 14:17:00 19.01.2010 14:17. Details... We're not a big multi-national company, just two people who love motorcycle travel and have grown a hobby into a full time job and a labour of love. Already have an account? Volvo NL L3314 C LAPLANDER VALP. - Extended Dates! On this page we present you the most successful photo gallery of Volvo C202 laplander and wish you a pleasant viewing experience. ALL Dates subject to change. Die Fähigkeit und Zeit für diese Flüge ist sehr von Nutzen. Zu verkaufen Volvo TGB13 C304 registriert auf B Führerschein 3500kg. HU Meetings are NOT like your typical bike rally! Rare, 1963 Volvo L3314 Laplander, Camper, VIDEO, 1967 Volvo L3314 HT Laplander Rare Military Vehicle, 1967 Volvo L3314 HT Laplander Utility Evolve Motors. 1967 Volvo L3314 HT Laplander Valp With Trailer SURVIVOR RARE MUST SEE, 1967 Volvo L3314 HT Laplander Rare Military Vehicle UniMog 4wd 4x4 Must See, 1967 Volvo L3314 HT Laplander Light Blue B-18A 1778cc 1.8L I-4 with 42399 Miles. 18.11.2020. Der Volvo C303 war ein Geländefahrzeug des schwedischen Automobilherstellers Volvo aus den 1970er Jahren. Have YOU ever wondered who has ridden around the world? Horizons Unlimited is not a big multi-national company, just two people who love motorcycle travel and have grown what started as a hobby in 1997 into a full time job (usually 8-10 hours per day and 7 days a week) and a labour of love. 28.11.2020. Check it out now, and add your information if we didn't find you. A couple on our team have decided to do the challenge in a Volvo Laplander if anyone knows of one anywhere forsale could you please contact us Many thanks Adrian Baltic ice road challenge Share. on what we have learned from this site." Fast nichts geändert hat sich an der Karosserie. Volvo Cross Country C303, (Tgb 11, A.K.A "Terrängbil 11", translated as "Terrain Vehicle 11"), is the base model of a range of military vehicles produced by Volvo. Submit your amazing photos of your trip and win fabulous prizes! This vehicle range was in production between 1974 and 1984. :-). Share on Google+ #2 27 Apr 2008 Josh R. Registered Users. Ladies on the Loose! Biete hier drei Verdunkelungsblenden für einen Volvo an . The bike is unique and has its own story... Get your Horizons Unlimited business card! Become an HU Member and Supporter! It's really very simple - just 4 easy steps! Zwei davon sind Neuwertig die dritte... LKW. Manual Petrol 1963 41,383 KM. "I for one always had an adventurous spirit, but you and Susan lit the fire for my trip and I'll be forever grateful for what you two do to inspire others to just do it." Help keep your favorite website going and get additional HUBB privileges! That includes the bike, riding gear, etc. You get additional privileges on the HUBB, access to the Members Private Store, and more to come as we roll out new systems. Volvo Laplander C304, TGB1315A. Which bike is right for me? 14.500 € 10178 Mitte. Manual Petrol NA 41,383 KM. Termine; Fotos vergangener Events; Downloads. Trevor, South Africa Recommended. "Just makes me want to pack up and go!" everyonic Laplander Volvo C303 Frank Strong Schuster Best Mug hält Hand 11oz aus weißer Marmorkeramik DESIGN: Die Kaffeetasse aus Marmorkeramik ist nicht zu klein oder zu groß. electric conversion) This is the VALP, Swedish for puppy. Also available for download on Vimeo! Der Zustand der Mechanik ist... Weitere Nutzfahrzeuge & Anhänger. It's time to pretend we're solders of fortune and review this NOT-AMERICAN Volvo C303 Military vehicle eBay Kleinanzeigen - Kostenlos. The Road Heroes DVD series Während Volvo ab 1974 einen grösseren Bruder des Laplander mit der Typenbezeichnung C303 in Produktion nahm, wurde die Nachfrage nach dem kleineren Laplander mit dem Nachfolger C202 gestillt, der aber wegen mangelnder Produktionskapazitäten in Schweden zwischen 1977 und 1981 in Ungarn gefertigt wurde. The car was developed in the late 60s based on the successful L-3314 series and went into production in 1974. The Horizons Unlimited Bulletin Board or HUBB is a fact-based forum connecting over 50,000 adventure travellers. Tire Changing!Grant demystifies the black art of Tire Changing and Repair to help you STAY on the road! T-shirts Cotton or synth sweat-wicking t-shirts with the Horizons Unlimited logo on the front and a snappy slogan (changing every year) on the back. See the trailer here! Greg, Australia Led by special operations veterans, Stanford Medicine affiliated physicians, paramedics and other travel experts, Ripcord is perfect for adventure seekers, climbers, skiers, sports enthusiasts, hunters, international travelers, humanitarian efforts, expeditions and more. Volvo tgb c303 H-Kennzeichen originaler Top Zustand . Vor 30+ Tagen. This 1979 Volvo C202 Laplander reportedly spent much of its life in California and Washington State before its recent acquisition by the selling dealer. This version was produced both as a 4x4 and a 6x6. This section is about staying healthy, happy and secure on your motorcycle adventure. The buyer who converts it to an EV gets a 4% rebate. HUBB Forum "Traveller's Advisories" thread. Volvo L3314 Von der Art her ist es sehr vergleichbar mit dem Vorserien-Modell L2304. "My friend and I are planning a trip from Singapore to England... We found (the HU) site invaluable as an aid to planning and have based a lot of our purchases (bikes, riding gear, etc.) "Thank you! Light Military Vehicles - MILWEB Classifieds. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, 1962 Volvo Valp, Laplander, L3314, C202, C303. … Volvo Laplander 6x6. But if you do want to take a bike and all your stuff with you, start here: Choosing and outfitting the bike. Search Forums ONLY searches the HUBB, and not well. Swedish Military. Grant & Susan are veteran motorcycle travellers - RTW north to south, two up on a 1986 BMW R80 G/S. The Laplander L-3314 the legion. If you have decided that you want a Volvo C303, a view at the local newspaper won't be helpfull. The Volvo C303, C304 and C306 are a family of light off-road vehicles, designed for army use. Den Volvo C303 Lappländer erwarb Hans-Jörn Zingg - nach langer Suche und Kampf mit den Schweizer Zulassungsbehörden - bei Volante Classic Cars Engadinund ließ ihn dort entsprechend seines Einsatzbereiches individualisieren. Volvo C306 (TGB20) Technisch eigentlich ebenfalls gleich ist der C306. 1981. Er gilt als der „größere Bruder“ des Volvo C202, von dem er sich jedoch in technischer Hinsicht grundlegend unterscheidet. 28.11.2020. They also answer the women-only questions, and entertain you with amazing tales from the road! Berichte; Handbücher. Volvo TGB 20 C306 6x6 Offroad. You've come to the right place! It became international by the internet in the last years. "Near Varna" Start your blog here! Informative and entertaining DVDs to help get you on the road! New to motorcycle travelling? Und würde bei Bedarf... Versand möglich. Thomas, Germany. What don't I need? is 5.5 hours of tips and advice you need to cross borders, break down language barriers, overcome culture shock, ship the bike & deal with breakdowns and emergencies. Die Version für Norwegen mit der Bezeichnung L3314N zeichnet sich durch ein Kunststoff-Hardtop aus, welches rund 10 cm hö­her als die schwedische Ausführung ist. "...thoroughly enjoyed all of them, I love his writing style, his humour and his truthfulness", Get them NOW from the authors' website and Amazon. MCN UK. What turns you on to motorcycle travel? The L33 – series was offered with different body … 800+ HU Communities in 115 countries! Great conversation starter when you meet people on the road! Too many options? Volvo Laplander TGB13 c304 Kipper 3.5T Gesamtgewicht. Hans-Jörn weiß genau, wie für seine Zwecke ein passendes Fahrzeug beschaffen sein muss: Geländegängig, geräumig und sonderbar. This section will help you to plan your trip, whether it's to the next state, country or all the way around the world! "Keep going the excellent work you are doing for Horizons Unlimited - I love it!" Der C202 profitierte vom weiter erstarkten und vergrösserten B20-Motor und … For the first time ever, a motorcycle travel DVD made for women, by women! etc. covers planning, paperwork, medical and many other topics! "It has me all fired up to go out on my own adventure!" "This is the answer to all my questions." These vehicles are sometimes called the Laplander, a name which was also used for its predecessor (the L3314). Watch the HU Achievable Dream Video while you're stuck at home. Volvo c303 tgb11 Lappländer Jeep Feuerwehr oldtimer4x4. Graham Field! Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance™ combines into a single integrated program the best evacuation and rescue with the premier travel insurance coverages designed for adventurers. helps answer the question - Why Go? To keep it going and a roof over our heads, we run events all over the world with the help of volunteers; we sell inspirational and informative DVDs; we have a few selected advertisers; and we make a small amount from memberships. All you need for your army vehicles, terrain-, off-road-, 6x6-, 4x4-car. They will encourage you, share their experiences and advice on how to do it! See the trailer here! You could just get on a plane with your credit card and passport and buy or rent everything you need when you get there. Zum Verkauf steht ein Volvo C306 6x6 alles Original vorhanden Schneeketten, Schneeschaufel,... 15.990 km 1980. 24,890 € I like this car. 4.500 € 88085 Langenargen. 1979. Volvo C303 Lappländer TGB11 Portalachsenset Vorder und Hinterachs. Phil, Australia 110 € 24969 Großenwiehe. 2020 Edition of Chris Scott's Adventure Motorcycling Handbook. The market is small and straightforward and also is the number of cars available. It was powered by a Volvo B16 engine. Volvo TGB Volvo C304 Verdunkelungsblenden Sani- Koffer. Spam melden. Fairer Preis. Get your entry in now and win! 20 € 82538 Geretsried. "Your website is a mecca of valuable information and the (video) series is informative, entertaining, and inspiring!" Horizons Unlimited was founded in 1997 by Grant and Susan Johnson following their journey around the world on a BMW R80G/S. C303 (TGB11) C304 (TGB13) C306 (TGB20) Marktplatz; Veranstaltungen. € 26.888 . 27.391 km. Volvo C303 Original spare parts to Volvo C3 series 303 304 306, TGB11 13 and 20. Einige Fluggesellschaften bieten relativ billige Flüge zu schwedischen Städten von überall in Europa, was die Überprüfung einiger Fahrzeuge beim Anbieter an einem Wochenende möglich macht. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Volvo C303, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! NEW Fourth book Just found us? "A captivating book honestly written," NEW! Hohnstein/Südharz, Nordhausen. - Extended Dates! Design ist lustig, einzigartig und für alle Benutzer geeignet. Get Ready! Volvo C202 laplander received many good reviews of car owners for their consumer qualities. Es... Versand möglich. Tips & opinions from over 150 travellers! Oldtimer Volvo L3314 C LAPLANDER VALP. Haydn, Australia Da ich auf H4 umgerüstet habe, stehen die originalen H1 Scheinwerfer (siehe Bilder) zum Verkauf. (Grant). Colin, UK Hemmings Find of the Day - 1967 Volvo L3314 HT Laplander. Meet some of your fellow travellers! Volvo Lap lander C303. When you decide to become a Member, it helps directly support the site. Kommt aus einem Volvo C303. "The ultimate round the world rider's how-to DVD!" Volvo C303 C304 TGB Bleche Innenraum. Volvo C 202 Laplander. A couple on our team have decided to do the challenge in a Volvo Laplander if anyone knows of one anywhere forsale could you please contact us. Ein toller Gesprächsstarter - beidseitig bedruckt. Presented by Lois Pryce, veteran solo traveller through South America and Africa and author of 'Lois on the Loose', and 'Red Tape and White Knuckles.'. 10,950 € I like this car. Volvos Swedish Military Vehicle. Add yourself to the Updates List for each event! Volvo TGB C303 / c304 / c306 Frontscheibe *neu* Moin moin, Ich habe mir neue Frontscheiben für meinen C304 machen lassen. Full scale deliveries of the somewhat improved L3314 began in 1963. Volvo Lap lander C303: lidel: Overland Vehicles and Equipment for Sale / Wanted: 3: 29 Apr 2008 12:22: new overlanders portal: nessie: 4 wheel Overland Travel: 3: 7 Mar 2008 18:44: Extending axle breathers: danielsprague: Equipping the Overland Vehicle: 9: 26 Jan 2007 11:33: Volvo C303 for sale on Ebay: luisGuerreiro : Equipping the Overland Vehicle: 0: 10 Sep 2006 23:05: Front … This section will help you to stay connected to your friends and loved ones, and make new friends along the way! On the Road! "This DVD will save you a fortune!" (0 Registered Users and/or Members and 1 guests), Trip Transport - Shipping the bike and yourself. Overland vehicle or equipment - winches, shocks tires etc. Unrestored 1967 Volvo L3314 HT Laplander for sale on You don't have to be a Member to come to an HU meeting, access the website, or ask questions on the HUBB. L3314/15; C202; Links; Kontakt; Willkommen auf der Homepage für Volvo-Offroad-Oldtimer. Eriskirch-Kressbronn am Bodensee-Langenargen, Bodenseekreis. Lokal. Dreaming of a motorcycle trip to distant climes? Meet people who don't think you're crazy for wanting to ride your bike to South America or across Asia! A pre-run series of 90 vehicles, named the L2304, was delivered between 1959 and 1961. € 18.500 . Three great travel books by Advertisers - Horizons Unlimited is well-established as the first source of reliable, unbiased information on all aspects of motorcycle travel. Become a Contributing Member here. 2.978 cm³ . 18.300 € VB 39517 Wenddorf. Volvo C303 C304 TGB originale H1 Scheinwerfer. 5,000 € I like this car. The 6x6 versions of the range are the C304 and C306. Volvo C202 Laplander • 4-Zyl.-Reihen-Benzinmotor, vorne längs • 2 Ventile je Zylinder • Hubraum 1990 cm3 • Leistung 60 kW (82 PS) bei 4700/min • max. From the seller's description: The Volvo L3314 is a four-wheel drive, forward control cross-country truck, specially built for service under arduous conditions. Der C202 kann eigentlich als modernere Ausführung des L3314 bezeichnet werden. (Real / 1972 Pinz. See the trailer! Travel Books Motorcycle and travel books to inspire and inform you! See the trailer here! Many thanks our team member is on his way to look at it!! "Your worldwide organisation and events are the Go To places to for all serious touring and aspiring touring bikers." Manual Petrol 1980 17,188 KM. We reach a dedicated, worldwide group of real travellers, and are the only website focusing exclusively on long distance motorcycle travellers. "Google" is your friend and "Volvo C303" or "Volvo TGB" the keywords. Ripcord travel protection is now available for ALL nationalities, and travel is covered on motorcycles of all sizes! Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread: 1. Of course, you get our sincere thanks, good karma and knowing you're helping to keep the motorcycle travel dream alive. Also available for download on Vimeo! HU Event and other updates on the HUBB Forum "Traveller's Advisories" thread. ALL the information you need to get inspired to travel anywhere in the world, and be READY to GO when it's time! Covers choice & preparation of best bike, shipping overseas, baggage design, riding techniques, travel health, visas, documentation, safety and useful addresses." … Dieser hat aber 3 Achsen und ist somit ein 6x6. Volvo NL L3314 C LAPLANDER VALP. Find HU Event COVID-19 status updates on the HUBB Forum "Traveller's Advisories" thread. "Very informative and practical." … Portalachsen von einem Volvo C303 TGB11 direkt vom schwedischen Militär Vorderachse mit Portalen... Versand möglich. 19.11.2020. If you sell motorcycles or motorcycle accessories, riding gear, camping equipment and clothing, transport motorcycles, organize motorcycle tours, or have motorcycles to rent, you should be advertising with us! To get a sense of what goes on, watch the meetings trailer here! Jennifer, Canada The web site, The travels, The insight, The inspiration, Everything, just thanks." All text and photographs are copyright © Grant and Susan Johnson, 1987 - 2021 or their respective authors. guter Zustand, alles... Versand möglich. Benzin. Here's a list of all the Member benefits on the HUBB. These intrepid women share their tips to help you plan your own motorcycle adventure. 12.12.2020. Davon gab es verschie­dene Ausführungen mit Pritsche, Kabine mit Hardtop und Spe­zialaufbauten, angepasst an die Bedürfnisse der Käufer.